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Community Outreach Program

A mother is reading to her two young children. They are all smiCOMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM provides supportive, compassionate and respectful counseling; a safe and confidential place to speak about your experiences and explore your options.  Our goal is to help women to clarify their rights and responsibilities when abusive relationships end, to identify community resources and supports and make referrals.

We have come to understand that abuse is not strictly about physical battering or sexual abuse.  We know that abuse can be verbal, mental and psychological; there is cyber abuse and financial abuse, isolation, neglect and coercion are all forms of abuse.

Family Court can be a difficult experience for anyone, and particularly for women who are leaving abusive relationships.  When there are questions about money, about the kids, about property- when there is a need for protection orders for yourself and/or your kids, we can help.

Community Outreach offers support to women navigating family law matters, including applying for legal aid, finding a lawyer, accompaniment (if requested) to lawyers appointments and to court;  meeting after appointments and court to talk about what happened and what it means.

As well, we are providing a Supported Self Help Group twice a month to help women with family law matters.

The Family Law Act replaced the Family Relations Act as of March 18, 2013 and these changes will affect every family in British Columbia.

If you or a woman you know is in or is leaving an abusive relationship and you have questions, call SOWINS Community Outreach. For more information or an appointment call 250-493-4366 ext 106