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Annual Appeal


Your support keeps us going and allows us to do our work. The Annual Campaign is our way of reminding you that your actions,  generosity and caring are making a difference in the lives of individuals and in our community. donate-today

Dear Prospective Donor:

Abuse is part of everyday life for too many women and children – in our community, our country and around the world. The acute need for our work and the difference it makes in the lives of vulnerable women and families is felt here at SOWINS every day. In the South Okanagan nearly 1000 women and children in crisis, fleeing abuse and violence, are sheltered at the Transition House or Safe Homes every year; and as many access SOWINS’ outreach services and programs.

It is likely in our lifetimes, that each of us will know someone whose life has been touched by domestic violence; vulnerable women and children who are our sisters, daughters, moms, aunts, grandmothers, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Abuse and violence are a problem for all of us, not only those whose lives are directly impacted. The damage to individuals and the societal costs are huge. It is a social and cultural problem that we are solving together with caring, understanding and resources.

Together we make possible stories like these shared below.

Story #1: In the words of a Transition House Resident:
“I was living in the depths of abuse with nowhere to go.  I was beat up, lost my job and had nowhere to turn.  I knew of the Transition House because I used it before.  I had enough of the abuse and came to the Transition House shocked and scared and didn’t know if I was coming or going.  In just 30 days I have my life back I have my dream and I have a job. I believe this will be the last time coming here, not that I don’t like it but I was given help to change. I believe I have the strength and the tools I need to carry on in a positive way thanks to the Transition House”.

Story #2: A client of the mature women’s program:
Although referred to assisted living, due to the limited allowance for pets, she opted to stay in her apartment and use a life line for emergencies. Although her family is in town they had not been helping her in any way. When asked if the family could help financially, she said it was not likely. She did not believe they cared due to past issues. When asked if she would like us to contact them to appeal for some financial support, she was pleased, as long as she did not have to contact them herself. She was terrified of their response.

The family were contacted and brought up to date on her health and wellbeing and an appeal for some financial support was sent out. The response of her family has been overwhelmingly positive and not only are they all getting together to assist her financially, but the family have made amends. They want nothing more than to reconnect with their beloved mother and are more than willing to help in any way they can. She is communicating with her daughters and basking in their love and support.

She has forgotten why they were estranged in the first place and for the life of her can’t imagine why she was so afraid to call. She is happy and seems to have more energy. The ice has been broken and this family has been reunited.

Here are some ways that you can help these stories of change to multiply:

Donate Online: donate-today
Visit the donations page of our website which explains the process in more detail. A simple method, is to donate through our page on the Canada Helps site: You can choose to give a one time or a monthly donation. They will issue your tax receipt and deposit the money into our account.

Donate By Mail:
Cheque or money order to SOWINS, #303-246 Martin St. Penticton V2A 5K3

Drop Off Your Donation:
We want meet you, to show you the work we do and how you help. Stop in at our office on Martin Street in Penticton Mon-Fri 9-5. Or call 250-493-4366 ext.101 for an appointment.

Invite Me To Visit You:
I love to share my passion and knowledge about the work we do at SOWINS and the topic of abuse and violence. Invite me to speak at one of your meetings … staff meeting, union meeting, group, agency or organization meeting.

Consider setting up a payroll deductions plan with employees. This eliminates the expense of writing and mailing personal cheques to SOWINS and allows donations to be spread throughout the year. Gifts of as little as a toonie per paycheque can make a big difference. Contributions add up quickly; $500 with 10 employees, $5000 with 100. Contact us for details on what is needed to set this up.

Bequests and Planned Giving:
Consider planning to give property, estate assets and investments to SOWINS. Contact us for detailed information about this option.

There are many rewards for giving to SOWINS; feeling good and receiving a tax receipt among them. Personally, I think one of the best is knowing that you are making it possible for vulnerable women and families to make safer choices and live their lives without fear. Please give what you are able and add your support to the solutions and the changes we seek together. Thank you.


Debbie Scarborough,
Executive Director