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Clothing & Other Donations

SOWINS is currently unable to accept donations of used clothing, soft goods or other household items at this time.bigstock-woman-with-clothes-donation-30320087 - resize We simply do not have the space or person power to process these types of donations.

As you can imagine we are very fortunate in being an organization that hundreds of our community members would like to donate used goods to every year. We ask that instead you please consider donating to other local not for profit charities that have specific locations and volunteers for accepting and processing gently used donations. Many of our clients shop these free and 2nd hand stores so your donations would be going back to those we serve in the end.

We are able to accept new items at our admin / outreach office. Please call the office before bringing in any donations of goods. 250 493 4366

If you have specific items that you would like to donate such as furniture, televisions or other household items, please call our reception 250-493-4366 and we can take down your name, number and information about the items and then post it on our message board in our waiting room. The interested party would then contact you directly to make arrangements about picking up.

If you are looking for specific items to donate to SOWINS please see our Wish List by clicking here…