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Mature Women Outreach Services Provided in 2016

SOWINS Outreach / Counselling programs are a free and confidential service for women who have experienced or at risk of abuse. No referral is necessary.
Community Outreach Program
  SOWINS Community Outreach Program provides supportive, compassionate and respectful counseling; a safe and confidential place to speak about your experiences and explore your options. Our  goal is to help women to clarify their rights and responsibilities when abusive relationships end, to identify community resources and supports and make referrals. We have come to understand  that abuse is not strictly about physical battering or sexual abuse. We know that  abuse can be verbal, mental and psychological; there is cyber abuse and financial abuse, isolation, neglect and coercion are all forms of abuse. Family Court can be a difficult experience for anyone, and particularly for women who are leaving abusive relationships. When there are questions about money, about the kids, about property- when there is a need for protection orders for yourself and/or your kids, we can help. Community Outreach offers support to women navigating family law matters, including applying for legal aid, finding a lawyer, accompaniment (if requested) to lawyers appointments and to court; meeting after appointments and court to talk about what happened and what it means.
Women's Outreach Program

SOWINS Women’s Outreach Program helps women (18 – 50 years old)  who have been abused by a: spouse/partner, person they are dating, family member, or an acquaintance/stranger. The Outreach Worker can meet you in a public place or at our office located in Penticton. At the first meeting we will talk about your situation and the types of services available to you at SOWINS.

Services Include:
  • Counseling: The Outreach Worker is an experienced and qualified counselor. She can provide a safe, supportive  and confidential place to speak about the abuse you have experienced. She can help you to explore your options and get clarity about what you want to do.
  • Safety Planning: The Outreach Worker can provide information about increasing your safety whether you choose to stay or leave a relationship. She can help you develop a plan.
  • Advocacy Services: The Outreach worker can assist you with understanding and protecting your rights. If your rights have been violated she may assist you in addressing this situation. She can also help you advocate for needed services or when necessary advocate on your behalf.  She can do this by making calls, writing letters or attending appointments.
  • Assistance Completing Application/Forms: The Outreach Worker can help you to fill out applications or forms.
  • Accompaniment/Transportation: The Outreach Worker can provide transportation and attend an appointment, if her presence is required. On occasion she can transport/accompany you to a government or community agency to make initial contact or to conduct business if you are not able to complete these tasks by yourself.
  • Community Information and Referrals: The Outreach Worker can provide information about other programs. She can make referrals.

For more information, or an appointment, call 250-493-4366 ext. 103

Mature Women's Program
SOWINS is for women aged 50 and better. Older women (50+ years) face many of the same problems as younger women when they leave abusive relationships. But many of them face much more complex challenges. The abuse may be from an adult child or a partner with serious health problems. The woman herself may have health issues or have little or no money when she leaves. And, in most cases, she has many years of love and hard work invested in the relationship. Whatever the case, we help her sort out the many problems she has – whether she chooses to live on her own or with her abuser. We help with all of these areas as well as providing a quiet environment so she can make life changing decisions. Similar to women’s outreach with  services that are attuned to the needs of mature women and include Individual counseling; safety planning, accompaniment, community information and referrals. For more information, or an appointment, call 250-493-4366 ext 104

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