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Walk a Mile Event & Registration Tips

Fundraising Tips For SOWINS Walk a Mile

Do I have to wear high heels? Where do I get women’s shoes? 

No, you can wear any kind of footwear but we are encouraging participants to dress up.

Red shoes are fun for this event – but any ladies shoe is great.

We will have a limited selection of larger sized women’s shoes to borrow.

Value Village and other 2nd hand shops have been a great resource for larger sized women’s shoes. We have also spray painted shoes red too.

If you plan on walking every year and would like your own red shoes Le Dame is the official shoe seller


Help! I don’t use social media or email. How can I contact donors? 

Connecting with friends, family and coworkers face to face is always a good plan. You can download a pledge form here and use that to collect money “offline” or in person.

Contact our office and Veronica will provide you with an offline pledge form. reception@sowins.com

If your donor would like a tax receipt, be sure and clearly fill out all of the necessary information (name, address, phone/email) so that we can get one to them.

Can my children participate?

Yes! Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a family friendly event. We encourage everyone to come out and participate.

Registration for Walk a Mile on Canada Helps

Should you have any questions  please do not hesitate to contact Canada Helps at 1-877-755-1595 

Internet Explorer is not supported for Canada Helps. We find Chrome &  Safari work best. If your page stagnates, try refreshing it or using the back button.

  • Click the Button to the right
  • Create a new team, join an existing one, or sign up as an individual.
    1. If you are going create a team we suggest doing that first before signing up as an individual.

Creating a Team

  • You will be the team captain if you create a team
  • You will first create an individual fundraising page for yourself and second create a page for your team.
  • Follow the prompts to sign up as “Joining as an Individual”
  • Under “Create Your team’s Page” you will be asked to create a url extension. In this care the team is called Paws Up
  • At the end of the url simply add your team name with no breaks ie:  www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/south-okanagan-women-in-need-society/wamso2016/team/pawsup
    • pawsup in red was what was added
  • Then add your team name in the next section
  • Then a bit about your team ie: “We are a positive group of people who are coming together to have fun and show our support for SOWINS”
  • Add a team photo/logo & your fundraising goal
  • You can have your team open to anyone to join, set to invite only or approval only
  • Push the “create team” button

If you scroll to the top of the page where your email is, there is a drop down with options to edit your page, edit your team or sign out. Within the page & team selection you can add more images, video, edit your content, send out invitations to join the team and so on.

Joining as a Team Member

  • Search for the team you wish to join from the home page
  • On their page look for the blue “Join Team” button.
  • Click the button and follow the steps for “Joining as an Individual”

Joining as an Individual

  • Click the “Join as an individual button”
  • Add your email & advance to the next screen
  • You will be asked to create an account with Canada Helps
  • Add a password & confirm, or sign up using your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo credentials
  • Add your personal, corporate or group info
  • Be sure to tick the boxes for the waiver and to receive communications from SOWINS
    • We will only send you information about Walk a Mile. After the event you will have an opportunity to join our mailing list. If you do not wish to join, the next time we contact you will be for Walk a Mile 2017.
  • Press continue

Setting up your page

  • You will be asked to write a page title. I recommend using your name ie: “Bethany’s Fundraising Page”  or “Bethany’s Walk a Mile Donation Page”
  • Add your goal amount – this will be tracked with the thermometer as people donate to you.
  • Add your name under page owner
  • Add a short reason why you are fundraising. Example:”SOWINS is an amazing organization that helps so many women and children in our community who are fleeing and recovering from the effects of abuse. I have seen first hand the direct impact donations from the community have made in the lives of these women and children. New beginnings are made possible. Please consider participating and donating to this fabulous event.”
  • Click the “create fundraising page button”
  • Now you can add images and video
  • Be sure to add a feature image – make sure your image is at least 400px x 400px
    • www.picmonkey.com can help you with sizing images.
  • Now your page is set up and ready to receive donations!

How do I connect with  potential sponsors?

Social Networks versionSocial collage

The best place to start is connecting with family, friends & coworkers. Ask them to help share this event with their social networks as well.

There are several different ways that you can connect with potential sponsors within your Walk a Mile fundraising page.

1. At the top of the fundraising page, under the picture of the red flags, there are buttons for sharing your individual or team fundraising page with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or email. Be sure and use the best way of sharing that already works for you and your everyday social media / email usage.

Using Facebook:

  • If you click on the Facebook option you will be asked to login, if you are not already, and then to select who you wish to share your post with:
    • On your wall
    • In a group
    • On your page (if you have one)
    • In a private message
  • Encourage your friends to share on their Facebook network as well.

Using Twitter:

  • Twitter will ask you to log in, if you are not already.
  • It will automatically create a shortened link to your fundraising page.
  • You can edit your tweet or send it as is.

Using Pinterest:

  • Pinterest will ask you to log in if you are not already.
  • By pressing the Pinterest button it will automatically create pins from all of the images on your fundraising page. So be sure and add lots of great images if you like to pin.
  • The images will have a link back to your fundraising page for potential donors.
  • You will need to pin each image individually.

Using Google +

  • Google + will ask you to sign in, if you are not already
  • An image from your page, page link, and short blurb will be added to your post.
  • You have the option to choose which circles to include

Using Emailhand circle - logo

  • Follows basic email to/from structure
  • Has link to your fundraising page in the body
  • A good idea to change the subject line, the automatically generated one will be long, to something shorter and more personal
  • You can add emails address individually or cut and paste in
  • You can also send through your own mail server like Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail or AOL by using one the icons at the bottom of the email.