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Women’s Outreach Program

Close-up of psychiatrist hands holding those of her patientWOMEN’S OUTREACH PROGRAM helps women (18 – 50 years old)  who have been abused by a: spouse/partner, person they are dating, family member, or an acquaintance/stranger. The Outreach Worker can meet you in your home, public place or at our office located in Penticton.

Services Include:
Counseling:  The Outreach Worker is an experienced and qualified counselor.  She can provide a safe, supportive  and confidential place to speak about the abuse you have experienced.  She can help you to explore your options and get clarity about what you want to do.

Safety Planning:  The Outreach Worker can provide information  about increasing your safety whether you choose to stay or leave a relationship. She can help you develop a plan.

Advocacy Services:  The Outreach worker can assist you with understanding and protecting your rights.  If your rights have been violated she may assist you in addressing this situation.  She can also help you advocate for needed services or when necessary advocate on your behalf.  She can do this by making calls, writing letters or attending appointments.

Assistance Completing Application/Forms:   The Outreach Worker can help you to fill out applications or forms.

Accompaniment/Transportation:  The Outreach Worker can provide transportation and attend an appointment, if her presence is required. On occasion she can transport/accompany you to a government or community agency to make initial contact or to conduct business if you are not able to complete these tasks by yourself.

Community Information and Referrals:  The Outreach Worker can provide information about other programs.  She can make referrals. For more information, or an appointment, call 250-493-4366 ext. 103