SOWINS provides critical support after abuse and accidental overdose

SOWINS provides critical support after abuse and accidental overdose

Janine has endured abuse her entire life starting at the tender age of six. Her parents both died before she was 10 and she bounced from house to ouse where she continued to experience abuse. From witnessing abuse, Janine became a victim of verbal, physical and sexual abuse herself. Janine believed this was always going to be her life.

She began to numb the pain by using drugs and alcohol. Now an adult, Janine met a man who would abuse her like all the others. They had a child together but the abuse and violence did not end.

After receiving a steel-toed boot to the head, Janine knew she had to leave. Custody battles would ensue over their child along with a strained relationship with the father. She continued to use as her only way to cope.

“I did not know how to feel, nobody explained death to me when my mom died and I received no support or counselling as a child, youth or adult to understand the horrific life I had lived. This was all I knew, this was my normal.”

In January of this year, Janine went on a binge and overdosed on drugs. Her son was taken from her. This was her moment, when she knew things had to change.

“I knew I needed to give my son a better life than I had lived. He needs his mom, I don’t want him to go through what I went through.”

Janine called SOWINS and was brought into the Transition House starting her journey of healing and recovery.

Today, Janine is more than four month sober. She is confident, happy and learning to feel.

“I have never knew how to trust but I put my trust in the team at SOWINS.”

Janine and her son have been reunited and are currently attending a Family Treatment Program until the end of June when they will return to SOWINS where they will continue their journey toward health and wellness.