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SOWINS relies in part on the generosity of people like you to help end the cycle of violence and abuse in the South Okanagan. Your contribution will make a difference in the life of a woman or child who has experienced or is at risk of violence and abuse.  Please give.

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A safe home for a woman or a woman and her children in need. Safe Homes are private residences that provide temporary shelter for a woman or a woman and her children who are fleeing a violent or abusive situation.

Keremeos Safe Home

We are seeking 3-4 Safe Homes in the Keremeos area to provide this emergency shelter. The locations of these homes are confidential. Currently we have one Safe Home in the Keremeos area.The Safe Home in Keremeos is intended to provide shelter for up to 5 days at a time.

Mature Women’s Safe Home Program

SOWINS provides Safe Homes to mature women (over 45) through our mature Women’s Program. These Safe Homes provide a stay of 5 – 10 days and can be extended up to 30 days in special circumstances. We are currently seeking Safe Homes in:

  • Osoyoos
  • Oliver
  • Penticton
  • Summerland

Although Desert Sun provides a safe home in the south Okanagan to women and children fleeing abuse, this program only provides shelter for 3-5 days. Even with the Safe Home provided by Desert Sun, SOWINS service percentage has stayed the same at about 7% for Oliver/Osoyoos and 2% for Summerland. SOWINS continues to provide support to women and children in the South Okanagan through the Transition House. Every effort is made to accommodate compatibility between the Safe Home operator and the woman seeking shelter. The Safe Home operator(s) provides their availability to the Safe Home Coordinator so that SOWINS staff is aware of which Safe Homes are available at any given time. Safe Home Operators do not provide counselling – this is done by SOWINS staff. Safe Home operators do provide practical help and emotional support by showing warmth, caring and acceptance in a non-judgmental manner. Safe Home Operators are supported by the SOWINS Safe Home Coordinator and they are part of the Women’s Support Team. In accordance with the Canadian Human Rights Act, Safe Home operators are prohibited from discrimination towards a client, in respect to differences in race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or disability. Safe Home operators do not impose personal beliefs on the client. Safe Home operators do not:

  • Administer medications
  • Loan money
  • Transport clients
  • Go to the client’s home
  • Disclose that they are a Safe Home

Safe Home operators do:

  • Provide meals, bedding, towels, and laundry facilities to the clients.

SOWINS provides:

  • Rubber gloves, water proof mattress cover, basic toiletries, food supplements and locked box for medications.
  • A Per Diem while the client is in the Safe Home.

What is required?

  • Application
  • Criminal Record Check for all adults in the home
  • Home Visit from Safe Home Coordinator
  • Signed letter of Agreement
  • Signed letter of Confidentiality
  • Signed letter of Ethical Conduct. In the Application we ask:
    • Your employment status
    • Why you wish to become a Safe Home Operator
    • The accommodation you will provide
    • Accessibility
    • How you feel about a stranger in your home when you are not home
    • Skills you feel you have that would assist you as a Safe Home operator
    • What is your understanding of violence and abuse toward women?
    • What are your problem solving skills
    • Are you willing to attend meetings?
    • Flexibility • How much notice you require
    • Smoker/non-smoker
    • Pets in the home
    • Any other safety or health issues.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Safe Home operator in the Keremeos area or throughout the South Okanagan or would like some more information or to receive an application, please contact our office @ 250-493-4366 Thank you for your support.