Thanks to funding from Public Safety Canada and the support of our partners in the community.

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Counselling Office: 236-422-1488

24 Hour Crisis Line: 1-800-814-2033

SAFEXst is a free program for people who face a range of barriers.

SOWINS’ SAFExst includes qʼyx̌qəx̌t centre, Mobile Outreach and Supported Housing. For more information on Mobile Outreach please see the corresponding page.

Contact (236)422-1488 or for more information
qʼyx̌qəx̌t centre is a resource and drop in centre for people who are being exploited or using sex as a way to survive.
The centre offers:
    • Computers, fax, scan, copy, wifi and phones
    • Shower facilities (one large accessible client washroom)
    • Laundry (one washer, one dryer)
    • Full kitchen (microwave, coffee, fridge, sink, stove, dishwasher)
    • Food (snacks always available, larger meals depend on donations)
    • Harm reduction supplies (needles, pipes, cookers, condoms, etc.)
    • Naloxone (new or replacement kits and training)
    • Sitting area (rest, visit, sleep if you need to)
    SAFExst also includes a one to one relationship with a Support Worker. A Support Worker can help you:
      • Get your ID
      • Apply for Income Assistance
      • Attend court
      • Understand and complete housing applications
      • Find a doctor
      • Find mental health and addictions supports that work for you
      • Secure food
      • Make a safety plan
    Your Support Worker will work with you to build an individual plan that is specific to you and the problems you are facing.
      • Supported Housing is for clients undergoing intensive case management. Housing is unfortunately extremely limited but we will work with you to remove barriers to housing. We will continue to offer support and assistance as well as basic needs while helping you to secure safe, sustainable long term housing.
      • We realize that any change is a challenge and can be dangerous for those who are being sexually exploited. We understand the problems faced by clients who use sex as means to survive. Our mobile outreach team offers front line support and referrals. qʼyx̌qəx̌t centre provides a safe place with supports related to exiting a life of abuse, violence, and poverty.
      • We meet our clients where they are. People who are exploited face a range of barriers to healthy, pro-social living including; mental health, substance use disorders, lack of safe and affordable housing, untreated trauma, and multiple victimization. Violence from consumers, violence from dealers, violence from peers and violence from exploiters is frequently reported as a motivating factor for people who want to build a new life.
    We provide dedicated support to help people who want to stop their continued involvement with drugs, crime, and sex economies.